Volunteer leader/manager needed

Hassocks Community Cycle Hire has been running as a successful social enterprise hiring and servicing bikes to locals and tourists from its base at Hassocks Station since 2010.

After 10 years of Colin Wilsdon spearheading this service to the village as a volunteer, it’s time for new blood.

We’re looking for someone to take over some or all of the roles Colin has played. He has managed the project, making decisions about strategy, expansion and recruitment, day to day running and stock control.

He has also been intimately involved in the customer facing side of things (read our TripAdvisor reviews), dealing with customers on Saturday mornings and handling ad hoc hires throughout the week. He usually handles the business phone and email communications.

Interest in cycling is growing and this is a project that must survive. Hassocks Community Cycle Hire depends on volunteer management and paid engineers. The full management role requires commitment, we want someone to drive the business forward, increase its viability with energy, belief and ideas.

Your experience could be in business development, it could be running social projects or it could be more bicycle-centred. We are looking for a leader, but if you can be consistent in your commitment, any relevant skillset and level of availability are also welcome.

Get it right and the rewards of glowing feedback and seeing the business grow as a social good are clear. 

Email us at visithassocksbikes@gmail.com