No job or enquiry too small.

We offer a full range of bicycle servicing, from tweaking brakes and gears to a full strip-down and have a very well equipped workshop allowing us to take on almost all jobs. We open on Saturday 10-1 to receive service jobs.

Bring your bike in on a Saturday morning (10am – 1pm) and we will examine it with you and discuss the work required, parts needed and how long it will take. No firm commitments can be made without seeing the bike.

We sell spare parts (anything not in stock, we can order) and give friendly advice to cyclists of all descriptions.

Types of services

Service A: £30 + parts

Basic Service. Cleaning and frame inspection, full safety check of all components, brakes and gears serviced and adjusted, transmission cleaned and lubed.

Service B: £60 + parts

Annual Service Cleaning. Service A + headset, wheels and bottom bracket inspected and serviced, cable and brake pad replacement if required. Transmission cleaned and lubed.

Service C: £90 + parts

Deep Service. Service B + inspection and cleaning of all parts, replacement as necessary.